All Engine Watchdog models use the advanced electronic 'Easy fit' heat sensor. It fits to any engine and is guaranteed to give you more early warning than you ever thought possible.

The sensor can be mounted so as to monitor both engine BLOCK and COOLANT temperature. This ensures ALL engine overheating is detected instantly, even if coolant is LOST, BLOCKED, POORLY CIRCULATING or if the AIR FLOW IS RESTRICTED.

     By not breaking into the cooling system in any way you will not risk your engines warranty or longevity from faulty installation or electrolysis.

                                     The sensor can also monitor the temperature of Air Cooled Engines, Transmissions, Gearboxes, Transfer Boxes & Wet Exhausts in fact anything ranging from 1 to 125 degrees C (34 to 255F)
















Mount the sensor in a convenient location where it will reflect the engine temperature correctly, or as near the heat source as possible.  In this example we are monitoring the engine block temperature, so a rocker cover bolt has been chosen. To use the sensor as both an engine coolant and engine block monitor, mount the sensor under a thermostat housing bolt or similar (ensure the housing is Not on a riser and away from the block).

The SENSOR HOLE size is 10mm ( 3/8")

Slip the heat sensor under the bolt and replace the bolt to its original position and tension.

IT'S THAT EASY! No possibility of car coolant leaks or electrolysis.

Secure the wire lead so there is no possibility it will be damaged, use the split loom tubing provided if required. If possible, avoid running the sensor lead right next to sparkplug leads, the coil or distributor. DO NOT crush the sensor cable by over tightening cable ties.

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